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Latest Aegis Success Stories

Client Settlements with the IRS within the last few months
Marcie of Maryland professional License Suspended because of back taxes. It has been RESTORED!!!
Mary of New York found her $34,000 tax debt gone with no payment
Bobie of Michigan has a new payment plan of $25 per month on $10,000 liability
James of Houston, Texas had his house lien lifted and a $15,000 tax liability reduced to no payment
Sweet of Utah saw a business tax of $200,000 removed from the books with a $400 payment
Joe of Nevada had a six-figure tax debt removed for a total cost of $340
Mike of Michigan had an individual tax debt of over $50,000 gone with no payment
Client Settlements with the IRS within the last few months
Bill of California had an old business tax debt of close to $1,000,000 that the IRS is no longer pursuing with no payment
Robert of Massachusetts got thousands back from a bank account that had been taken by the State
Jose of California saw his wage garnishment payment drop to $70 from $650
Client Settlements with the IRS within the last few months
Cindy of Minnesota saw her garnishment drop 65%
Andres of Texas got his payment plan go from $500 a month to $50
Steve of Michigan got a hardship deferral on $13,700 tax debt with no payment
Casper of Florida saw his $103,042 debt to the State of Washington and the IRS reduced to no payment.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Aegis Tax Defense delivered as promised. Everything that they said they would do, they did! This tax debt has been a burden for years and it bothered me almost every day, to have it now gone is a great relief. My lawyer, Jon, is a man of his word and keep me constantly aware of what the next steps were. Plus, what they charged was quite a bit less than what other firms were charging. What a relief!"

Casper in FL

“For years I was troubled by a six-figure IRS back tax problem. I talked to any number of firms that wanted to charge me a lot to fix the problem. When I met the Aegis people, I found them to be always respectful, courteous and put to rest the problem quickly and at a fee that was substantially below everything that I had been quoted by other firms. Totally professional and competent. I highly recommend Jon and the firm. By the way, my total cost to the IRS: $340.”

Joe in Nevada, a Former Navy Fighter Pilot & current CEO

“I don’t usually write letters or reviews, but I really have to tell you about Aegis Tax Defense and more importantly about the attorney that worked with us, Jon Marple. He was able to do something in two short months that changed my life and I have been trying for ten years with several failed attempts and at a cost that was 50% to 75% less than any other quote; and, he was able to get my $54K tax debt completely removed. He truly is a miracle worker, a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders that has caused me great stress and many sleepless nights, more importantly Jon is a man of his word, extremely honest and a pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough good things or thank him enough. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone anytime. I would also like to thank Armando for directing me to Jon.”

Sincerely, Mike K. in Michigan

“I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. All I can think of is you’re my angel sent from heaven. I truly believe I was on the verge of a heart attack or stroke with all the stress and worries that I had with a business and personal tax debt that had run up to over $200, 000. You lifted that burden completely from me in a few short months. I think your job is to bless the lives of people like me who are in the dark and have no idea what to do. Thank you, thank you. It's people like you that really make this World a better place.”

SVC, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Restaurant owner and operator

The Professionals at Aegis


The IRS has attorneys & tax professionals. Why shouldn't you?


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Estimates are based on prior results; individual results will vary based on circumstances, including tax payer’s ability to provide information that is timely and accurate. We do not guarantee that tax debts will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage or that the tax debt will be paid off within a specific period of time.

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